FLYYTrap Print


Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf on Canvas

"TRUE STORY....There was this dude who liked me, I had liked him too I won't front. He had a girl friend though and clearly I'm to cute to be a side 🐣. So I was good. His friend on the other hand insisted we be together. He was determined to create a master plan to break him and his girlfriend up. It wasn't that deep to me though. But deep down I knew if I really wanted him I could trap with my #FLYYTrap. This painting goes hand in hand with "My Mom Calls Them Vaglilies," instead of the Vaglilie Garden it shows the women's vagina as the Vaglilie.
The Vaglilie signify the women's vagina and its ability to allure and catch the Gold Fly which signify the fly guy (that's why they're gold). If you know anything about fly traps you know they give off a sweet scent that attracts the flies then they in trap them with their teeth and its a done detail. Vaginas work the same.
When God created the women's body he did basically did the same thing; he made our womb a sacred place where healing happen and it gives off the alluring scent that attracts our mates (that's why you got crazy people who like to sniff panties)"

#FLYYTrap Series This collection is based on the relationship between men, women, and sex. A tip off to men to pick your battles, because you can easily be trapped in a woman's fly trap or end up eating spoiled fruit.

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