The Stick Up Print


The Stick UP
Acrylic on Canvas

"This painting is really close to me and my all time favorite. When I painted this is was my 1st time painting for myself and off my own experience; True Art Therapy. I had a court case and I was at a point where I couldn't afford to pay the lawyer anymore. I felt like everyday he was calling me and requesting more money. I got to the point were I was thinking of a Master Plan. And what was my plan? Rob a bank. I can laugh about it now but no lie, I had my whole scheme planned out. I was going to rob the Chase on Flatbush and get away in a dollar van, LMAO.
I put all my frustrations and thoughts into this painting. It sounds ridiculous now, and i DEFINITELY woulda gotten caught AND arrested! lol... but out of my fuckery came a dope ass painting."

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