About Me

My name is Shawnette George, my Gma called me Shawn and my Moms Shawnettá but as an artist I'm known as ShawnG. 26 years ago Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn NY I flew out my mom vagina with a paintbrush in hand. So you can say I've been painting my whole life. By time I got to junior high school I swept my talent under the rug, all the "cool kids" we're dancers and I wanted to be like them (that didn't work out to well). I ended up at Brooklyn College where they decided to give me the boot for my inability to pay and I wasn't eligible for financial aid. My boyfriend at the time suggested I start painting sneakers for income; he ain't think I could do it. I wanted to prove him wrong, thus ShawnG Originals was made. Painting sneakers opened back up  my love for art and being creative, so I soon graduated from just sneaker art and started to oil paint. You may have seen some of my work at TopShop, AfroPunk, Project CANVAS, TeenNick, and UrbanOutfitters to name a few. I've also been blessed to do some work for some of your favorite celebrities.

All my art is a reflection of me and my "LaLaLand" the magical place in my head where in free to be me and express myself with out judgement. I'm very sensitive (Pisces shit) extremely  theatrical, a bit crazy to everyday people, and can be somewhat dramatic. My paintings all have a story behind them. They're the only way for me to get my feelings out with out fear of being judged for being sensitive to whatever the situation is. So basically I can say what I want to say to someone and it'll be right in there face but they are to blinded by the art to judge me for my feelings. It's easier for me to speak about the painting then speak about my feelings. So welcome to LaLaLand! Get comfy, enjoy the stay!