God Herself


"God Herself"
Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf on Canvas

"When Beyoncé said 'Love God Herself' so that automatically gave me a inspiration to create a painting based on the aspect that the woman’s body is God. I wanted to create a visualization of the flower of life that was totally different from the ones we’ve seen other artists create. I always tell people if I never went to school for black studies I would’ve went to school for theology something about religion is really interesting to me, how people dedicated their lives to something that isn’t tangible. I knew I wanted to add the Virgin Mary in the piece as she’s viewed as the mother of God. A lot of late nights with my sketchbook I finally came up with the image. It took around 2 and 1/2 months to paint it. God Herself."
-Shawn 💫

If your interested in purchasing the original or would like to order a canvas print shoot an email to ShawnGOriginals@gmail.com