Vaglilies Clutch

$40.00 Coming Soon

Vaglilie Clutch.

Vegan Leather.
25cm by 19.5cm.

"My Vagina Changes Lives..."
Someone asked me if this was meant to be sexual or...
This was my answer:
"Both. The full quote is "My Vaginas Changes Lives,... I'm Not Willing To Pass It Out To Anybody."
I was having a conversation with my friend about a guy I was dealing with but I knew I wasn't going to have sex with him.
He thought I was cause he's used to getting what he wants. But I don't get down like that, I'm a full believer your body's a temple and if you lay with someone they should mean something to you. Especially as women because we're internal and when you have sex that's an exchange of energy. You have to be mindful of who's energy you let inside you and who you allow to use your energy.
I know I'm a Goddess and my energy is pure and strong.
I'll change your life. I took of the last part because the quote is to reflect the woman who's using it, it's for their interpretation.
How does your vagina change lives?
What does it mean to you?"

FLLYTrap This series is based on the relationship between men, women, and sex. A tip off to men to pick your battles, because you can easily be trapped in a woman's fly trap or end up eating spoiled fruit. The flies a metaphor for Fly Guys and the Vaglilies for A Women's Alluring Abilities.