God Herself 🌹 Dad Hat


"These are my hand painted Love God Herself dad hats. I first got the idea for the painting when Beyoncé said 'love God Herself...' I started to think, what would the imagery of God herself would look like? I thought a lot about the old churches you would see around the city and their stained glass art. I've alway been in love with the architect of old churches every time i pass one i go it to look at the art in them, especially the stained glass.
I thought the phrase 'Love God Herself' was so powerful because the women's body is literally God, life literally comes out of her vagina.
Even with that I wanted the imagery of the vagina/her flower to be very vivid; thats where i got the idea to make it Mother Mary. I don't think its a coincidence that images of Mary look like a vagina but thats just me..."